Who are NFT Racers?

NFT Racers are non-fungible tokens (NFT) represented by totally unique art pixel characters from the world of racing. Canvas size is 39×39 pixels.

Are NFT Racers generated?

Each NFT Racer is 100% handmade pixel by pixel. There were NO generators used at all.

How many NFT Racers will be released?

Only 5000 of NFT Racers will be released!

Where can i buy NFT Racers?

All NFT Racers you can buy on OpenSea market. (https://opensea.io/)

How much will NFT Racers cost?

NFT Racers will costs 0,089ETH + GAS., but we also want to give them away as gifts for current owners.

When we can expect another drops of NFT Racers?

If you do not want to miss information about other incoming drops, please follow our Discord and another social media, where we will share all news and details.